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Security Point
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Looking for top-notch security services that prioritize customer satisfaction? Look no further than Aros Protection Services. Our experienced team is here to provide robust and reliable protection for your site, all while enhancing your business's professional image. Choose us and experience the difference today.

What We


Advanced cyber security

Protect your business from cyber threats around the clock with Aros Protection Services. Our advanced cyber security solutions utilize industry-leading SIEM platform, Microsoft Sentinel, along with state-of-the-art XDR and MDR technologies. Our managed SOC guarantees 24/7 cyber threat detection and rapid response, giving you peace of mind.


Weapon Detection

Safety and security are our top priorities at Aros Protection Service. That's why we have developed a powerful Gun Detection Technology to help minimize the risks and promote a safer environment. Whether you're a school, a hospital or a government building, our technology is here to help you mitigate potential threats.


Face Recognition - Watchlist

At Aros Protection Service, we understand the importance of reliable intrusion detection and perimeter protection. That's why we've developed a Face Recognition watchlist based on the latest deep learning techniques, delivering higher accuracy and faster identification speed. Whether for commercial or personal needs, our solution is a game-changer in safety and security.


Security Guarding

At Aros Protection Services, we understand the importance of having a reliable and professional security team. That's why we offer the best security guarding services that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our experienced and vigilant security guards will ensure the safety and protection of your premises at all times.


Intrusion Detection and Perimeter Protection

Aros Protection Service is your one-stop-shop for ensuring your safety and security. Our Scylla AI surveillance technology filters out up to 99.95% of false alarms, so you can be sure to receive only relevant alerts. Helping you save on expenses and minimise panic. Whether you're looking for intrusion detection or perimeter protection, we've got you covered.


Traffic Flow Analysis and Attribute Search

Welcome to Aros Protection Service, where we provide advanced traffic flow analysis for your business needs. Our customizable statistical reporting and analytics, combined with a user-friendly interface, gives you the power to make informed data-driven decisions in real-time. Our AI-powered system delivers cutting-edge analysis, providing you with unparalleled traffic insights.

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