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Protecting Your Business with Precision


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Protecting Your Business from the Unexpected


How are anomalies detected?

At Aros Protection Services, we use a pre-trained neural network engine to detect and identify anomalies in behavior. Our process begins by providing the engine with a sequence of frames that give a complete picture of the behavior we are analyzing. This 3D matrix of 2D frames and time is then processed by the neural network, which identifies any deviations or anomalies in the behavior.


What is the minimum time for the system to recognize an event as an anomaly?

Curious about how Anomaly Detection and Behavior works? Our cutting-edge technology analyzes several consecutive frames that are accumulated into batches for analysis. On average, each batch lasts 3-5 seconds. Our system is designed to detect and prevent potential security breaches, so you can focus on growing your business. Experience the benefits of our technology by contacting us today!


How does shoplifting detection work?

The shoplifting detection model is trained on a large dataset of videos from surveillance cameras, where shoplifting events occur. The submodule is designed to detect an action of taking an item and trying to conceal it in a bag or backpack. The system is supposed to analyze the streams coming from the retail environment excluding the cashier area since after paying for an item a customer could take actions that are identical to concealing goods. Please note that since shoplifting itself is a subtle event to accurately detect with a high probability, Scylla monitors suspicious behavior that can result in shoplifting.


What is considered an anomaly?

At Scylla, we use a cutting-edge anomaly detection and behavior recognition system to monitor large datasets and identify unusual activity. Our system is based on a training set of real-world data, which means that it is highly accurate and reliable. With Scylla, you can rest assured that any anomalies or unusual behavior will be quickly identified and addressed.


What is the maximal distance for effective Anomaly Detection and Behavior Recognition?

Anomaly detection is a vital part of any security system. At our company, we specialize in determining the maximal distance for effective detection. This distance will depend on the camera characteristics, specifically the lens that is being used. Our team of experts can determine these factors with precision, ensuring that your security system is operating at peak efficiency and reliability.


What does the system do after detection?

Our anomaly detection and behavior services are designed to provide comprehensive coverage of your premises at all times. We use state-of-the-art technology to monitor activity in real-time, detect any unusual activity, and promptly alert our clients. Our customizable alerting pathways include Scylla dashboard, Scylla mobile alerting application, access point relay boards, and VMS alerting API, to name a few. Our goal is to provide clear and concise information to our clients, giving them peace of mind knowing they are protected.

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