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Secure Your Environment with Confidence

Keep your premises safe with Aros Protection Services. Our AI-powered tool provides real-time detection and analysis of potential threats so that you can be proactive instead of reactive. With our technology, you can identify and respond to any gun-related threats quickly and effectively.

Stay Ahead of Potential Threats

Our Gun Detection Technology is the ultimate solution to help you be more proactive and reduce response time in critical situations. Our system is designed to detect firearms and alert security personnel immediately, allowing them to take appropriate action before a situation escalates. Experience the peace of mind you deserve by getting in touch with us today.

Peace of Mind through Advanced Weapon Detection Technology

WithAros Protection Services, your safety is our top priority. Our state-of-the-art weapon detection system uses advanced video-optimized object detection algorithms that ensure an extremely low false-positive rate, providing you with a highly sensitive and accurate firearms detection solution, even in the busiest of environments.

We Keep You Safe: Aros Protection Services

The Scylla Gun Detection system is the most reliable weapon detection system on the market. Our system is designed to monitor and detect firearms in the camera's field of view, in even the most challenging environments. With compatibility for PTZ, mobile, and drone cameras, our system is perfect for high-traffic areas and various viewing angles.

  • Monitoring and detecting firearms in the camera's field of view.

  • Scylla Gun Detection system operates effectively in diverse environments, including those with moving backgrounds, high-traffic areas, various viewing angles, and changing conditions. It is compatible with PTZ, mobile, and drone cameras.

  • An integrated zoom-in and tracking algorithm enables long-distance weapon detections, fully utilizing the potential of ultra-high-resolution cameras. Our proprietary, patented video-optimized object detection algorithm ensures an extremely low false-positive rate, guaranteeing highly sensitive and accurate firearm detection, even in busy production settings.

  • Scylla Gun Detection technology can be seamlessly integrated with main-in-the-field video monitoring and surveillance solutions through one- and two-way I/O protocols.

  • When a detection occurs, an alert including the detection frame and a short video is instantly displayed on the native dashboard and integrated monitoring systems. Furthermore, the Scylla mobile app provides immediate alerts with all relevant information, allowing for possible further actions.

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